How to Save a Screenshot as a PDF on Windows 10 Computers

In this case, you can press the first two Print Screen commands to automatically save an image file to OneDrive. You won’t see the screen flicker or dim for these commands — you’ll receive a notification instead. Be sure to sync the Screenshots folder if you want to access the images on your PC.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to uninstall Windows Defender when installing this anti-malware program. Just visit Kaspersky’s official website, choose the plan that suits your needs, or check out the free trial first. When you turn off tamper protection, Windows will once again warn you that you are leaving your computer vulnerable to threats. Since we need to turn off Windows Defender without Windows 10 re-enabling it after every system restart, leave this option off. If your device is not at risk of malware exposure, it could be a good idea to turn off Microsoft Defender Antivirus. However, we tend to be extra cautious and always have additional anti-malware software at hand.

How to Screenshot on HP Laptop or Desktop Computers

Its successor, Windows 11, requires a device that uses UEFI firmware and a 64-bit processor in any supported architecture (x86-64 for x86 and ARMv8 for ARM). Let’s say you want to build a custom PC for gaming. You can buy a Windows 10 software activation key at now and get a free upgrade to Windows 11. Then your gaming rig will zip along with the latest Microsoft operating system and all its improvements. Enter the purchased product key in the appropriate field . If you’d like to save money on genuine Microsoft software, head to using the links above.

  • If you ever lose your product key, follow our recovery tips below to find your lost key.
  • If you use Windows 10, you can also use Paint 3D. But if you want to use a more powerful image editor, we recommend a specialized tool.
  • If you would like to share the screenshot on Facebook or any other social media network you will have to install the app on your PC in order to be able to accomplish this task.

Associating a Windows 10 license to a Microsoft account is actually an automated process if you’re signing into your PC with a Microsoft account. But if you’re using a local user account, you’ll need to link your product key with your Microsoft account manually. However, if you entered a product key or have a digital liscence connected to the computer, this won’t work. You can get the product key that is on your computer with a VBScript as shown here authored by Hackoo. As said before, this guide is not just limited to recovering your product key from Windows.old folder. This method also comes in handy if you have a dead or unbootable PC, and you want to recover the product key.

How to Disable the Lock Screen on Windows 10

Press “Print Screen” to take a screenshot of your entire screen. Annotate the screenshot if you need, and then click the disc button to save it to your local file. Click “Take Screenshot” button and run Java applet to load this application.

If there isn’t active connectivity by that moment, the network drives can’t be loaded before you completely log into the system. Access shared folders and files from computers or devices on the network. Open the Windows network window and browse shared folders on each computer or device on the network to make sure sharing is set up correctly. Select the drive letter for the network drive you want to map.

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