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Travel to the Polar Regions with Maple Explore

The Arctic

Above the 66 degrees North latitude lies the dome of our blue planet, the Arctic. Magnificent fjords, vast tundra, majestic snow mountains, and warm Inuit people greet you as you step foot onto this rugged land of stunning natural beauty. Higher atop the ice of the Arctic Ocean lies the North Pole, where only an icebreaker ship can access.
The Arctic is the kingdom of the polar bears, but opportunities abound to encounter arctic foxes, reindeer, beluga whales, narwhals, walruses, seals, and other arctic wildlife.
Hike through wilderness and glaciers. Take a cruise in the middle of fjords. Or behold the beauty of our planet from a hot air balloon at the pole. It’s the other end of the world and the ultimate dream of nature lovers.


Nowhere else on earth is more special than the Antarctic. The last pure land on this planet, it’s pristine natural beauty and unique polar wildlife are vastly untouched. Penguins, seals, and whales are the only hosts of this continent.
Take an adventure ship to a floating celeste iceberg and enjoy an unforgettable sunset on the deck. Chase humpback whales on a Zodiac cruise, and get intimately up close to penguins. You’ll have the chance to hike or ski the white continent, camp under the sky of a polar day, and leap into the sea to become one with nature. Here at the base of the world, anything is possible.


Tibet is the ancestor of mountains, the source of rivers, the very roof of the world. Taste the hospitality of the people in a cup of sweet tea. And take in the serene lakes, awe-inspiring peaks, and ancient temples.
The Himalayas are full of beauty. Yaks on the vast pastures of the plateau. A blue water pond in the windswept desert. The golden sunlight on snow mountain peaks. This is a place of serenity and sacredness. It has thin oxygen but is full of belief. Allow your soul on the furthest and freest journey it has ever taken.

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Maple Explorer was established in Vancouver in 2015 with a focus on providing comprehensive travel experiences in the polar regions. We are dedicated to facilitating greater access to the wonders of the Antarctic, the Arctic, and the Tibetan Plateau, allowing people to discover the stunning beauty and cultural richness of these extraordinary places on our planet.

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