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Maple Explorer is a company founded in Vancouver in 2015 that focuses on deep travel in the polar regions. We are committed to enabling more people to personally reach the Antarctic, the Arctic and Tibetan Plateau to explore the magnificent beauty and cultural features of these unique regions on earth.
snow-covered mountain reflected in the water

Our Mission

With the ever-changing environment and climate today, more and more glaciers are melting, the population of penguins is changing, and the polar landforms have also undergone tremendous changes. We can let more people experience polar travel and let more people. Be able to pay attention to environmental protection and the earth we live in.

Special Insights From Our Guest

I had a whole of a time in polar area!

Maple Explorer helped me to achieve my dream of Antarctica, professional tour planning, attentive service. I had a whole of a time in polar area! I highly recommend choosing Maple Explorer as your tour guide to the polar world.

— Jason Zhang, Vancouver Canada

Maple Explorer was established in Vancouver in 2015 with a focus on providing comprehensive travel experiences in the polar regions. We are dedicated to facilitating greater access to the wonders of the Antarctic, the Arctic, and the Tibetan Plateau, allowing people to discover the stunning beauty and cultural richness of these extraordinary places on our planet.

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